Insurance Claims

Insurance companies have access to vast resources, including trained claims personnel who will look closely at how an injury occurred, whether you have a history of claims, and whether your injury can be tied to a pre-existing condition that can be used to try and lower the value of your case.

In fact, many adjusters receive extensive training in psychology, listening and communication skills, negotiations, claims evaluation, and legal issues. They frequently have scripts and outlines that they follow when handling your claim, and rarely take action on a claim without permission from a supervisor or a claims committee. Every adjuster has strict company guidelines that he or she must follow, and is handling your claim according to those rules.

The problem is that you will never know this. The claims adjuster is a front line person for a sophisticated, well-organized company, and the adjuster’s job is to evaluate your claim and pay as little as possible. This can put you at a disadvantage.

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