10 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer


Hiring a personal injury lawyer, Glendale is usually not the result of something positive having happened. It’s the next necessary step to making sure you get appropriate compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained and the pain you’ve endured. Still, some people may not want to involve an attorney, opting instead to handle the situation on their own. This is not a course that you want to take. Here are ten reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer.  

Personal Injury Lawyer,Glendale

The Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

Often, personal injury attorneys are hired because an unfortunate accident left one or more parties injured and in need of compensation. Often there is a party at fault, and it might not be you. If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you must find a personal injury lawyer. They can get started immediately and have more time to work. That means that you’re more likely to get the compensation you’re owed. 

You’ve Suffered A Severe Injury 

If as the result of an accident or negligence by another party you suffered a severe injury then it becomes crucial that you hire a personal injury lawyer. Hospital bills will be piling up, you might be unable to function properly, and you need someone on your side. Your lawyer can act on your behalf not only persuading the court but your insurance of the severity of your injuries. It might also be the case that you reach your policy limits with your insurance, meaning the remaining compensation will have to be sought from the party at fault by you and not your insurance. 

Your Insurance Company May Act In Bad Faith

Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to work with after sustaining an injury or otherwise using your insurance. While not all insurance companies will act in bad faith, some will and others will feel as though they are acting in bad faith even though what they are doing is technically within their rights. Having the right lawyer to be your advocate is essential when working with your insurance. They can go through your policy and ensure that you’re getting the compensation from them that you’re owed. Lawyers can also help stop insurance companies that are acting in bad faith and stop them before the insurance company has a chance to get away with their bad behavior. 

Guide You Through The Legal Process

The legal process is one that is quite complicated and complex. There’s a reason that lawyers go to school for many years and have to pass a myriad of exams before practicing law. It’s because the legal system is complicated. This is not a system you want to navigate by yourself. Without a lawyer, likely, you won’t get the compensation you deserve because the opposition will have a lawyer. Something as simple as a document that wasn’t filed appropriately can cost you everything. Hire a personal injury lawyer Glendale and have an advocate on your side. 

A Wealth Of Experience With Similar Claims

Odds are good that you’re not the very first client of the lawyer you decide to work with. Personal injury cases are common and in a short time, a personal injury lawyer will have a lot of experience. There are a lot of lessons that lawyers learn across every case and your case is no exception. Fortunately, like everyone else they can put that experience to good use and help you get what you deserve. This experience can also help them to avoid the pitfalls that you might otherwise fall into if you’re trying to negotiate or litigate the case yourself. There’s no better teacher than experience and any lawyer working in personal injury will almost undoubtedly have a wealth of it. 

Saves You Time

Getting what you’re owed takes time. This is the time that you as a person will a full-time job and responsibilities just won’t have available to handle the legal proceedings. Your relative inexperience with the legal system will make the proceedings take even longer than they would otherwise. Hiring a lawyer will make your case their full-time job so that you can keep living your life. They’ll not only make sure the proceedings are faster, but they save you time by undertaking the burden you would otherwise have to bear. 

Higher Settlements

Like it or not, statistically speaking people with lawyers get more money from their settlements. This is for a variety of reasons, among the most prominent is that an individual or persons with a lawyer are less likely to be taken advantage of by the opposition. Having an advocate increases your chances of being treated fairly and having fair options provided to you. A good lawyer can also dissuade you from bad deals that might be enticing to someone unfamiliar with the system. Your lawyer is on your side and wants what’s best for you. 

Alternative Ways Of Reaching A solution

Solving the problems of a lawsuit regarding personal injury is a complicated matter that might not have clear cut answers. Not every solution needs to be the same and end up in a courtroom. Often there are agreements made and other problem-solving methods at play than simply waiting to go to trial. Most lawyers and clients alike will go to great lengths to avoid trial. This means that you’re going to need a lawyer on your side that knows how to solve the problems that are thrown at them. 

Experience With Opposition Lawyers

Unlike what you see in movies and tv, the majority of the work for a lawsuit takes place well before ever landing before a judge. There’s a large amount of back and forth between all of the lawyers involved, on both sides to both sides. It’s a complicated process and the experience in dealing with opposition lawyers is important. They can also make sure that you’re not being taken advantage of and that all of the proper proceedings are taking place. 

Going To Trial

This is the scenario that nobody wants on either side. Neither side wants to go all the way to trial but sometimes there’s just no other way around it. Lawyers can take you through the trial process and at this point and although you can do it without them, it’s an extremely bad idea to do so. If the case needs to go to trial then your lawyers are about to be indispensable. 


Hiring the right Personal Injury Lawyer, Glendale is important as this person is someone that is going to be your advocate. This person is going to be working closely with you and help you through the difficult process. A good lawyer will communicate with you regularly and be easy to reach. Make sure you hire the right lawyer for you and one who will be your champion.